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by Antlerland

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Cold Feet 05:04


It's been a few years since I've done a Christmas release, so I've found a few things have been kicking around for a while as a gift or something.

Mad Hatter Regatta is the most recent of thse, it's an outtake from when I was working on Thirty Days To The Ocean, but it didn't quite fit the feel of the album.

The other three things are VERY old. As in, they began life in the 20th Century - I've been poking at them ever since because they always seemed to have some potential but I was never able to get the mix right. I still haven't, but it's about time I kicked them out to fend for themselves. Merry Christmas! Ugh.

Cold Feet is some bad dub influenced thing, based around some noise I made out of my old synth.

Carpathian Professor has been described as "gypsy punk house" or something absurd like that, and is about ten years past its prime. It did get a run or two at gigs, where the audience was spellbound!

He Read James Ellroy 33 is, well, not at it's natural speed. While I was mastering it I accidentally slowed it down and thought, "damn, that sounds COOLER", so I ran with that. And yeah, it's another really old breakbeat experiment. So it goes.


released December 18, 2013


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Antlerland Albury, Australia

Antlerland started off yeeeears ago doing work in a sample based tracker style, more lately things have been getting a little more grandiose. Still all over the shop style wise, from heavy dub beats to Enoesque soundscapes to big dumb pop tunes, but always keeping a nice balance between rhythm, harmony and melody.

Strait Outta Riverina
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